Empowering Office Admins

EAT Club is a B2B2C company, our target market is office managers who are the backbone of the office and make sure office operations are running smoothly. The value add of our service, does not only take the daily task of scheduling catered lunch out of their mind, but also provide control and insights. Admin Dashboard is a tool we build for office managers to run their lunch program easily and timely.

Design Process
Admin Dashboard - Daily Lunch

After initial interviews with office managers from different companies, we identified some features that will help them gaining insights into their lunch programs:


How many meals total per day

How many members have ordered, and how many members have not

Remind the members who forgot to order their lunch (option to remind all at once)

Be able to order some extra meals for guests


Along with some basic requirements, such as:

Date selector for future 5 days

Location selector for companies have multiple locations

Program Selector for different lunch programs

The big numbers are definitely office managers’ top priority, all the ideas are around either showing the big number along with all 5 list views, or toggle through the list by clicking on the number. But It’s disconnected that the big numbers are at top and list are at the bottom. Another direction was to have a card for each subject, it flips to show the list on click. The card idea seems a lot cleaner, more connected, has a good information drill-down experience, so we leaned towards the card direction.

After some iterations, we tested the prototype with 3 office managers, and recognized some problems:

1) Office managers don’t know what to do with these cards, when there’s no hint; 2) Navigation is confusing.


We added shadow and “see detail” button on hover for the cards, and redesign the navigation and filter.

without "see detail" button

with "see detail" button

Refine the navigation

Admin Dash - Members and Onboarding Experience

Not only office managers want to manage all the dishes, they also need to manage all the members, including invite and delete members. This is a new feature which results in a redesign of our onboarding experience.


The biggest problem we solved was when some users can’t wait for their office manager’s invite email, they registered themselves from the website, which resulted in not being in their company’s group, so they don’t get subsidized meals. The solution was to funnel the users into the right company’s group by asking them to search their company first, or we auto detects it from their work email, and admins have to approve the request on admin dashboard.

Final Design

Redesigning EAT Club App

Satisfying the unsatisfied