Where's my lunch?

On-time delivery is one of the key to the success of EAT Club. Driver tracking would provide benefits to both our customers and our operation team: it not only allows our customers with a peace of mind of where their lunch are, but also collects the data to improve our operation efficiency.

Key Users

Office managers - Get updates on where today’s lunches are.

Hub Managers - Stay informed during the delivery window.

Delivery Reps - Know how the route goes for the day and what to bring and drop

off at each stop.

Design Process

First thing first, gather informations. We have an op’s tool built by engineers for internal use, besides all the needed information that existed already, what new features and insights we can bring. We talked to VP Operation and hub managers about their current process, workflow, pain points, and desired outcome.


When we have a presentable mockup, we showed it to all the stakeholders to get their early feedback, that I found is always a good thing. After 2 to 3 rounds of iteration - feedback loops, engineers started building the prototype so we could test on delivery reps. Once some reps have installed the beta app, we started monitoring and getting in-time feedback everyday from Tom, the delivery rep who delivers lunch to our headquarter office. The driver tracking system was tested for a month before we launched it to all the customers.


On the design/visual side, I designed the app with all native components of iOS and android, simple interface and orange big buttons, to achieve low file size, and low data usage for conditions like low phone storage, low bandwidth, and low data plan. Because our delivery reps are in a large age range, and might not have the most updated smartphones and unlimited data plan.

Driver App
Hub Manager
Admin Dashboard
Final Design

Satisfying the unsatisfied

Invoicing and Getting Paid