License Exam Tutor Redesign

I redesigned the homepage and pricing page with the goal of explaining clearly what the product is, encouraging users to scroll down the page, and ultimately drive up the sales.

Why the sales went down?

The whole website was just migrated to a new platform on 4/1/2015, along with the new design, but the revenue went down 30% ever since. The product manager conducted a user study and found a bunch of problems within the design.

How to explain clearly what the product is?

After read through the whole website, I found the product is actually very simple, and I would explain it to my 4-year-old niece that it is a program that helps you pass the test. Within that in mind, I went through the website, and circled out everything that is conveying confusing messages and even some wrong messages, such as the jumbotron text, the section right below the fold, etc. Then re-organized the info based on what, how, why. Because users don’t like to scroll and read, we made a slide show section and put it in the header, right next to the pricing; color-code 3 plans, so that they visually match up with the plan options in the pricing page, and user would feel more connected between pages.

We did another user testing session with 5 users, and the result was a lot more clear and inviting than the original design.

Final Design