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A place where tools & know-how are seamlessly integrated & mobile ready.

Concept/Content research

We tested 3 landing pages that introduces 16 features to 11 full time real estate agents. The 1st-round research goal was to get feedback on market section (who is our target market), top 10 contents/features (what’s our core product) and pricing strategy (what price range is reasonable for our target market).




Our target market are full-time real estate agents who work at non-franchised agencies. We got a list of top contents/features user would be interested to sign up to check out. Pricing wise, 30-day free trial is compelling and  the monthly membership price is “not bad” as long as users keep getting useful contents and get their continue education credits done.


Surprisingly, almost all users commented on the color choices, jumbotron picture and text, and little icons, so I proceeded with the red color, and kept all the icons.

Prototype User Testing

I prototyped the desktop and mobile versions in the Axure to show what the program would look like and what is the user experience.


We did 60min 1 on 1 user session with 20 full time real estate agents.


User Profiles


All Web savvy, articulate

10 “constantly strive to outperform”

13 male, 7 female

Age range: 25-34 (8), 35-44 (10), 45-54 (2)

Experience: 0-5 years (5), 6-10 years (10), 11-15 years (3),  >15 years (2)




The registration page did better than previously tested landing pages because there were fewer image, color and wording “turn-offs” and more engaging aspects (like the video). However, the page still did not clearly and effectively communicate the value of the membership.

If continue education credits are included is not clear.

Learning path feature is sweet for new agents.



Registration LP
Registration LP



Registration LP
Registration LP


Now I’m more interested to see what things are available that I can’t click on now. I would like to see all of the stuff to see what is available. I would definitely see what it’s about and all the stuff that I would get. A 10 would be if it was less than $35/month.



Sketches & Wireframes

With the user feedback in mind, we made a list of components that we could improve and I sketched some ideas and started wireframes to flesh out every single pages, including the ones were not shown in the prototype.

Final Design

Landing Page - Scrolling
My Courses
Learning Path
Log Out