Rolltape App

Rolltape is a personal audio creation app for our inner circle that I have been designing for the past 6 months as a side project. Worked with the founder (marketing) and product manager on logo design, rough sketches, 3 rounds of user testings and a lot of iterations (more specifically 10 versions) to the current MVP design. As 4 developers came on board, we strived to get the alpha out and get angel funding. I studied IOS Human Interface Guidelines, learned ionic framework and SASS and perfect the css stylesheet.



Competitor study

User testing

User flow

User interface


User Testing 1


This version was the very original idea that the founder wanted a simple app that records voice messages and users could add the music to make it sexy and send it to family and friends or share it to mix tapes.




We wanted to know who would be interested in this type of app (target market), when would they use it (in the public setting or in the car commuting, etc), what users would expect out of this type of voice messages (customization, personal identity, etc) and how would they use it.




We showed 20 people the app in person, and ask questions about their general lifestyle, app usage behavior, messaging app usage, emotional attachment, etc.




Users got confused when they land on the home screen after sign up.

Users don’t like to send their personal tape to the mixtape (public feed), they want to keep it personal.

User got confused that they have to create a tape first without selecting the friend.



Decisions made

If it’s more like a messaging app, we should use phone number and confirmation code for the sign up.

Is it a message, email or post type of app? (the logic matters to what’s the home screen, where does new tapes show, where does my tapes show, if I delete the tape, my friend still have the tape?)

Alpha Design