Rolltape App Branding

Before we started the user interface design, we decided to tackle the logo and color palette first, so that we can focus on the app design later on. But the reality is that I never stopped updating the logo and color palette until the moment it was submitted to the apple store. The color was changing every version due to the readability issue and the overall experience we want our users to have. These are temporarily the final version for now.

Early Sketches

Who doesn’t start with the easiest way - Pen and paper!


The logo idea started off with the name (roll + tape), then went towards the sound wave ideas, and then more the symbolic and abstract (set to be the dolphin by the founder).

Show and feedback

I organized 20 logos with palette and possible notification icon, and the founder showed it to her friends and families, co-workers and finalized on the No.1 and No.2.

Final Logo Exploration
Final Design
Business Card
Style Guide